Sanger Institute

The new Sanger Institute & Biodata Innovation Centre in Cambridgeshire was an opportunity for Deane Roofing & Cladding to be involved in a striking architectural project.

We installed the Zinc cladding system to the Sanger building and a high-quality Kingspan Benchmark Optimo panel to the link bridge and Biodata building. The two buildings complement each other so well using the contrast in finishes in the copper tone of the Optimo and the natural zinc colours.

The design for the Zinc cladding was quite complex requiring tapered panels, curved sheets and faceted verges. All the cladding was rolled on site and hand finished to the bespoke shapes and sizes. The curved sheets were also rolled onsite. The cladding was laid on clips fixed over a breather membrane and plywood background, the latter requiring layering techniques to establish the smooth curved lines.

Soffits were also finished in Zinc and all transitions from walls to curves, curves to verges and verges to soffits were hand seamed to create the weathertight envelope.

The Biodata building utilises the more modern proprietary cladding system in combination with large glazed walls. The Optimo panel from Kingspan is a super flat panel and is fitted to a modular layout with recessed gasket joints.

The building is extremely impressive. It is the ultimate demonstration where the mix of both traditional and modern cladding systems complement each other.

Cambridgeshire, England
Cladding Scope:

1,500 sqm Kingspan Benchmark Optimo Cladding with Gasket Joints

Roofing Scope:

3,000 sqm Zinc lock fold seam cladding

Safety Achievements:
Biodata building Airtightness 3m3/hr

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