Holiday Inn

The newly constructed 18-storey Holiday Inn Express in Birmingham city centre was a very challenging project. The façade consisted of several coloured panels installed to a specific layout without any repetitive pattern. In addition, the elevation contained 315 windows, the reveals of which had to be profiled to connect with the main façade.

The panels were fabricated from 3mm aluminium coated to the individual colours fixed to an aluminium rail system with the tolerance and flexibility for adjustment over the height of 18 storeys.

The design, fabrication and installation drawings produced was critical to the success of the project. The fabrication had to be scheduled in line with the sequence of build, therefore the production was specific to the colours on the elevations rather than the simple mass production of panels.

For delivery to site, the panels were packaged to suit the installation. This was challenging as there were over 8000 panels and all panels had to be labelled individually.

Essentially the panels formed a jigsaw and every piece had to be accounted for, numbered and tracked through manufacture, delivery, storage and distribution around the site. This logistics had a bearing on the performance onsite and the quality of the installation.

Once the panels were installed each window reveal profile had to be site measured and manufactured as a bespoke unit. This required an express turnaround from fabrication so that the window profiles could follow the progress with the cladding without lag.

The quality of the project was monitored continuously, snagged and signed off as the work progressed as the access was only in place for limited periods per elevation.

Despite all the challenges, the project was a terrific success and delivered on time and within budget. We were delighted to have the opportunity to contribute to such a dynamic design.

Birmingham, England
Cladding Scope:

4,363m2 Built up rainscreen cladding multicoloured design to an 18-storey high building.
315 windows profiled and flashed.
250m2 HPL rainscreen to the entrance area.

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