This project was a multi-million-pound investment by Aldi Distribution in Goldthorpe, including warehouse, chilled food storage areas and office space totalling 40,000m².

This new facility delivers a high performance, environmentally friendly solution, with extremely low running costs. It features a high-performance Kingspan insulated panels installed by Deane Roofing and Cladding and a roof solar PV system from Kingspan.

The project is vast in area, the equivalent to six football pitches to the roof alone. This required significant skilled resources to install and heat weld the joints in the roof system. Ten percent of the roof surface incorporated specialised roof lights. At the same time, a high-quality wall cladding panel was being installed to the elevations with similar attention to detail.

The wall panel was vertically laid with significant air sealing interfaces with the roof. In addition, there to 72 loading dock openings, there were doors and glazing interfaces all forming part of the air sealed exterior envelope. A rain screen system was installed in the administration areas.

Other elements of the external envelope such as doors and louvres also part of our package.

The main challenge on a project of this magnitude is to set up, control and manage consistent outputs whilst maintaining quality and safety standards. This requires a common ethos among the staff onsite and an understanding and appreciation of the quality standards expected by the Client.

Management is key to delivering full envelope projects with so many systems to be designed, installed, managed and delivered to the required standard.

Cladding Scope:

700m2 Kingspan Evolution rain screen.
10,000m2 Kingspan Omega panel.

Roofing Scope:

40,000m2 Kingspan topdeck.
4,000m2 Brett Martin dome roof lights.
Mansafe system & access hatches.


Siphonic drainage system by DRC.
Vertically laid.

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