Located in the deep South East of Calgary, this facility produces compost from food & yard waste and dewatered biosolids. With a capital budget of $143 million, it is the largest of its kind in Canada.

Chinook Resource Management General Partnership (CRMG) was selected to design, build and operate the facility. CRMG is a consortium led jointly by Bird Construction and the Maple Reinders Group.

Deane Roofing and Cladding Ltd were awarded the roofing scope of works. This comprised of Sika PVC membrane adhered to Kingspan insulated deck panel installed directly onto purlins. The system benefits allowed for:

  • Evenly distributed movement across a roof slope length of 100 meters,
  • Increased production of up to 1,000 m2 per day
  • High effective thermal values
  • Long life cycle with low maintenance costs

The facility was handed over to the “The City of Calgary” in August 2017.

This project demonstrated Deane Roofing’s ability to undertake large scale projects under aggressive schedule commitments.

The project was successfully handed over on time and on budget.

Calgary, Alberta
Roofing Scope:

33,000 sqm of Sika PVC fully adhered to Kingspan insulated deck panel

Safety Achievements:
No Injuries or Incidents
Quality Objectives:
High Effective Thermal Values and Allowance for Expansion/ Contraction Across a Large Roof Length
8 Months
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