Deane Roofing and Cladding were appointed by Graham Construction and Engineering to install the full envelope wall cladding and roof build up to the new waste water treatment plant dewatering building.

For an infrastructural building the designers chose a high-quality finish by using a rainscreen panel in an aluminium composite material (ACM) and a high performance SBS bituminous felt to the roof.

The layout of the panels had to be carefully designed to suit the raw material sheet lengths and widths. The corners were all preformed at manufacture, so the support rails must be set out and installed plumb and square to minimal tolerances. All panel lines coincided with mullion lines of glazing or frame lines of louvres. The panel lines carried around the building on all elevations. The low-level columns were all wrapped in ACM.

The panels were at their maximum size from manufacture over 3.5m long and required delicate handling. At a height of 25m the higher-level panels were installed with a boom access platform making the installation more complex. Some panels were installed from swing stages lowered from the roof top.

The roofing system IKO was an SBS membrane with high performance values at higher and lower temperatures, The SBS is also very workable material and this aids with detailing at penetrations and perimeters.

The roof membrane and cladding system formed part of a continuous air seal to the envelope of the building and careful onsite attention to detail was required to maintain this barriers continuity.

In addition to the main building the tank structures were encased in an insulated single skin sheeting system.

The schedule was very demanding, however we successfully completed the project on time.

Calgary, Alberta
Cladding Scope:

2,000 sqm of Aluminium Composite Panels

Built up metal Cladding, Tank Insulated Cladding System, Architectural Louvers

Roofing Scope:

2,000 sqm of IKO SBS Bituminous Torch on Membrane

Safety Achievements:
No Injuries
Quality Objectives:
Achieving Fine Modular Architectural Lines
8 Months
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